Lodhi Graffiti Art

“We love Delhi” by Lek & Sowat and Hanif Kureshi

“When Art Meets Urban Spaces”, is a palpable reality happening now at Lodhi Colony, though not by random. St + ART India Foundation is the responsible entity of bringing together over 28 street artist from India and around the world. 

For us who have circulated around the neighborhood before, with it’s characteristic boxy white houses, internal patios and wide streets, running into such an explosion of color and creativity is not only a real treat to the senses but an scape from the traditional Delhi vibe.

Street Art characterizes itself for it’s playful way of combining a message, many times about social content, with its very own artistic form, which in this case ranges from graffiti, murals, to more sculptural concepts like the one below by Daku, named: “Time Changes Everything”…..and it changes the way we see his messages on the wall through out the day.

Artist: Daku. Delhi, India

“We Love Delhi”,  comes to life next to a group of young passerby that happily posed for my camera. In this case, the graffiti is a collaboration between the french artists Lek & Sowat and the indian artist Hanif Kureshi.

One thing we can all agree about Delhi is that it’s vibrant! There is always something happening in every corner which makes it a photography paradise. Just as I was admiring Blaise graffiti (above), I spotted this gorgeous pug being walked, and as a pug fan, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures, as the vibrant background perfectly reflected her personality. 

Shekhawati painting by Mahendra Pawar

Graffitis adorning streets or people adorning graffitis as it becomes in a photograph, truth is, urban spaces wouldn’t exist without either. The melodies of a musician, laughs of children playing, smell of a chai enjoyed by those resting under the shade of a tree, all form a melange of stimulus to the senses.

” Billowing Faces” by Inkbrushnme (India)

By Kafeel

“How is Global Warming” by Gaia (USA)

“Heart Rules over Head” by Senkoe (Mexico)

“Lava Tree” by anpuvarkey

By Harsh Raman

“Padma” by Chifumi (French)

“As Colorful as a Butterfly” by Blaise (India)

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